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Music and Weather

Posted: 14th March 2015 in Personal

I found this radio station while looking at the Carl Cox website, its called Mixcloud is actually quite good.  I just got back home from Lisburn Bow Street Mall.  I tried out one of those massage chairs it costs £1.00 pounds for 5 minutes they are also good.  It was fecking freezing here today and still is, its 5c here now (brrrrrr) and the other day it was nice and sunny, the weather is up the left here.

will add more content tomorrow, bye all…

High cholesterol

Posted: 9th March 2015 in Personal

I had an appointment this morning at 9:40am to see a cholesterol prof in the RVH (hospital).  When I arrived they took my height, weight and blood pressure, they said the blood pressure was a wee bit high, probably due to me being nervous.  Then I was called by the prof a tall woman about 53 years old, she asked me what food I ate, so I told her.  They then took a blood test and I was told that she would send me a letter when the results came back.  And if it was high they would put me on a diet and for me to eat more fruits etc (which I don’t, but I will).

So now I’m sitting here listening 2 some music and trying to relax abit…

I played some Battlefield 4 last night, was gonna get you guys/gals/other some screenshots of the game, but it was really a laggy server and I had to quit.  So maybe next time…

Slan go foil (Bye for now in Irish) come back soon.

I would say I am a Hardcore Gamer, I mostly enjoy war games and sometimes driving games.  The best driving game I have played was Colin McRae Rally that was back in the days.  And I would say the first war game I played was Cannon Fodder such a good game.  I can’t recall the name of the games I had on my C64 that was a long time ago.

I can remember using a BBC Microcomputer System in primary school when I was about 5 years old and the game we played was racing (screenshot below).


Back in the days that game was Elite LOL (Laughing Out Loud).

My best computer was the Amiga 1200 I learned to do 2D animation on it and enjoyed using Deluxe Paint aswell.

I remember when my parents bought me a Pentium 3 mmx I was like wow this is so cool, then I got connected to the net through AOL they where my first isp.  I had a 36.6k modem in the days that was fast, agh dial up.  So I had the cable from the modem running across the landing and connected to my mum’s phone line, so each time she had to make a call the cable was pulled out.

When I first connected to the Net I used the hyper terminal I had this number that I connected to the dude was from Derry (Northern Ireland).  So me and him would chat daily about different things and others would join us in a chat room and discuss a range of different topics.

I have been about as one could say, and I have experienced alot of things, but we won’t get into that now, maybe later.

The computer that I have now was custom built for gaming, here are the specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Intel i5 Quad-Core Processor
8GB DDR3 ram
1 TB Hard Drive
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series 2 gig
Arctic Power Pro 750W PSU
Blu-Ray Drive
Coolmaster Case

The last thing I upgraded was the Graphic Card, cost me inc installation £250 pounds I could have installed it myself just didn’t want to blow myself up hehe.  In the past I have built computers and added new hardware etc, but it has been awhile back in 2002 I done it.

Here is a picture of my desk it is abit messy:


I will add stuff each day if I remember, and take you through a journey into my world.  And if I find any cool sotfware or links I will share with you guys/gals/other / all for now check back soon…