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Is the truth out there?

Posted: 7th February 2016 in PS3 Gaming


Is the truth out there?

I don’t know about our government hiding UFO technology from us or even space crafts that have crash landed, or maybe they just forgot to mention it to us.

How do we know that aliens or other beings are not already here on earth? we don’t…

Would people freak out if they new the truth?

Get safe online

Posted: 6th February 2016 in Other

I found this website while on my travels, it has loads of good information


Sniper Elite V2 Screen shots

Posted: 4th February 2016 in PC Gaming

I have installed Sniper Elite V2 again, here are some in game screen shots:

SniperElite3 2016-02-02 17-37-05-25 SniperElite3 2016-02-02 17-42-28-04 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-03-21-72 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-03-57-81 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-11-01-07 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-11-06-14 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-14-19-00 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-24-25-77 SniperEliteV2 2016-02-04 14-30-54-48