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It has begun

Posted: 4th November 2017 in PS3 Gaming

Well. I received my game today, it came without a cd. I activated the game via Steam, it took 1 hour to install single player and another hour to install the multi=player game. Altogether it was about 55 gigs of space, to install the full game. I have started playing the single player part of the game, the graphics are very nice and the gameplay is also good. The weapons within the game are quite real, and there is plenty of action within the game, I have added some screen shots of the game.

Yay it’s on it’s way

Posted: 3rd November 2017 in PS3 Gaming

Deleted Battlefield 1

Posted: 3rd November 2017 in PS3 Gaming

So I removed Battlefield 1 from my computer, it just didn’t feel like a war game. So I pre-ordered Call of Duty ww2, I played the beta of the game, and I thought it was pretty good. I won’t get the game till tuesday, I can download it, but I would rather have the box version. I will play the game in single player mode first, before I try multi-player.

I will put some screen shots on the site, when I have played the game.

I am also looking forward to FarCry 5 which will be released next year.

All for now, come back soon…