High cholesterol

Posted: 9th March 2015 in Personal

I had an appointment this morning at 9:40am to see a cholesterol prof in the RVH (hospital).  When I arrived they took my height, weight and blood pressure, they said the blood pressure was a wee bit high, probably due to me being nervous.  Then I was called by the prof a tall woman about 53 years old, she asked me what food I ate, so I told her.  They then took a blood test and I was told that she would send me a letter when the results came back.  And if it was high they would put me on a diet and for me to eat more fruits etc (which I don’t, but I will).

So now I’m sitting here listening 2 some music and trying to relax abit…

I played some Battlefield 4 last night, was gonna get you guys/gals/other some screenshots of the game, but it was really a laggy server and I had to quit.  So maybe next time…

Slan go foil (Bye for now in Irish) come back soon.

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