Good Morning

Posted: 10th March 2015 in PS3 Gaming

it’s 09:23am here and what a beautiful morning it is, the skies are blue and the sun is out, the tempature is 4c (cold).  I was on Google Play last night looking for new books to read, so I went to the book section and typed in “free books” and about 120 showed up that where all free.  I found a book that teaches the basic skills of wordpress it had about 63 pages and within 30 minutes I had it completed, so for those of you whom are using wordpress for the first time, I would recommend it.

Just search “free wordpress books” they also have a free html5 book and some other good one’s so check it out.

I normally read paper books and first time last night I downloaded from Google Play and it found it easy enough to read the books on my phone.

Sony Aqua M2


It’s a good phone I have some cool appz and the music quality is very crisp.

I have to go out soon, so will post more later when I return…

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