We need more jobs

Posted: 25th January 2016 in Other

Yes we do…

In Belfast we need more jobs, yes there is some jobs but not all of us have the skills to do them.  So what do we do?  do we go back to training? maybe get a couple of NVQ’s? or other certificates that could help us get jobs?

I remember back in the days the YTP [Youth Training Programme] I went to one called SCALA which was located on the Springfield Road [West Belfast].  I done 2 years in the Business Administration office, where we learned to use typewriters and computers for clerical work.

I’m not sure if the YTP’s are still active or are under a different name…

That was the good oul days…

Plus some of us are over skilled, or can’t find the right job that would suit us !

As, I say again what do we do, there must be some companies out there, that could give us employment based on the skills we have? we just want a steady income, plus most of us work better at night, and yes some of us are vampires etc.  And we work well in teams or solo, you could say some of us are one man armies, we get things done.

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