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Below are poems that I have wrote, while sitting bored at my pc with nothing to do:

The Path – 28/09/2009

the darkness comes when the light is gone
and for those that follow it become vampires in the night
the darkness is between them and the light is gone
they follow the shadows in the night
for the darkness has come
to swallow them whole
and show them the dark path
the path where they are gone
no more light no more day
but we do pray
until the end of the day…


My Light – 08/04/2009

its been so long my darling,
but i know it wont be long,
until we meet again my love,
so i can hold you in my arms,
and tell you how much i love you,

i want to kiss you good night at bed time,
and wake with you in the morning light,
and make you breakfast in bed,
after all you are my light,

my love for you is so true,
my darling what would i do without you,
my soul would be lonely without you,
but now i have you i will never let you go,
after all you are my princess of light,

and together we will be one,
until the end of the earth and in heaven above,
together we will always be in love,
when i was lonely i asked God for a angel,
and he sent you from above,
so now i have you too love



the road was long i had too see,
when i was young i remember the days
the days of heart ache that lay before me,
the days of bombs and bullets,
now those days where gone and it
is time we moved on…

when i look at the world today,
all i can see is anger and disbelief
the wars still carry on, but are fields apart
across the ocean and far away…

they took our land they ripped our hearts apart,
now we must stand for what we know what is ours,
for someday there will be peace, and not just here
but the rest of the land, those that are far away.

we look to our leaders for they give us hope
in our dark days they show us the way
but all i have to say…get off your high horses,
and help us on our way…

the children cry when the darkness comes, the bombs
and the bullets carry on, there is no stopping them as
they come in the night, the children cry and hide out
of sight, they our our future for this we know, if it was not for them
then where would we go.


Today I know from God above he sent me an angel too love,

Her hair flows in the wind, her eyes a gleaming like the morning sun

Her love for me is so true, my darling what would I do without you

I would die in this hell that I call home, if it weren’t for you I would be alone,

When I look into your eyes, I see the sun, shining bright in the morning moon light,

My love for you is so strong, I wish you where in my arms so I could hold you tight,

And tell you how much I love you, as words cannot tell what way I feel about you,

So I ask God above to tell you how much I love you, you fill my heart with love,

For I thank you my love, I have you too love.


Only U

as i sit and drink my coffee

i think about you

all the fun times we had together

those where the days

the days of love

although we carry them on

till this day

so i just wanted to say

how much I love you



the day was long i had to say

i thought about you in that way

my love for you is so strong

my darling it’s been so long

i miss running my hands through your hair

kissing your soft lips i must dare

you are my angel you are my life

but all i can do is wish

that you are by my side

when i awake in this hell



as i sit here looking out my window
at the sky so blue
all i can do is think about you
i wish you where in my arms
so i could hold you tight
from morning till night

my love for you is strong
it won’t be long my dear
until we meet again
then i can hold you so tight
until the morning light

i dream about you late at night
you are my inspiration you are my light
you are my soul, my heart and mind
i just wish it was that time again
so i could hold you in my arms



as i stare at the screen

looking for an answer

all i see is words

words of wisdom

words of love

words of you

words of us

again forever

just the two of us


My love for you is so true,
you came from the heavens,
I know that is true,
I need you in my life, my God
for you take away my demons from the past,
and help me choose the right path,
and not the dark one,
for you are my saviour,
you are my life,

I need you in my life,
You are the one and only true God,
without you my life would be untrue,
but i thank you God,
for you are my light,
my dark days have passed,

I know you sent me an angel from above,
without her I would not be in love,
my love for her is strong,
without you my god,
I couldn’t carry on.
So I thank you god, for sending me someone to love.


Blue Sky

as I look out my window at the sky so blue
all I do is think about you
holding you in my arms so close to me
my darling I wish you where here
or me their, holding you closer more than I dare
yours eyes shining like the morning sun
for another day has been won.

I dreamn’t about you last night
holding you in my arms so tight
kissing you till the morning light.

when I look at you I see an angel
sent from heaven above
for me too love
so I thank the angels in the sky
if it weren’t for them I’d die

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