About Me

I was born on 2 Aug 1974 in Belfast, and I have lived here most of my life, I enjoy traveling and I have been to America, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia and the Philippines.

My current hobbies are: Reading, Writing, Poetry, Gaming [PC] [PS3] and blogging.

I enjoy using computers for different things, and I spend about 7 hours per day on the computer.

Current Location: West Belfast – Northern Ireland

Age: 43

Status: Married to my beautiful wife Diana !!!

Current PS3 Game: Grand Theft Auto V [5]

Current PC Game: Battlefield 4

Reading Current Book: The Art of Intrusion (kevin Mitnick)

Fav Food: Noodles, Irish Stew, Beef Curry

Current Mood: Words can not explain the way I feel 🙂

Listening 2: Vengeance 2 Video – Ulster Hall Belfast 1994 (Pablo Mix)

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